Utility And Power Plants




Light Tower Applications in Utility and Power Plants



Utility and power plants are the industrial locations where in convoluted operations and processes happen all the time. Hundreds of engineers, workers and technicians work 24/7 for safe and secure transmission and distribution of power.

For a smooth running of complicated activities at nights and poor-lit environments in the utility and power plants, appropriate illumination is required. Lighttower.net is the industry leading supplier that provides you with high-performing lighting solutions in par with your expectations.


Properly Illuminating Sensitive Work Places Like Utility and Power Plants Are Inevitable For:



Light Towers for Utility and Power Plants

·         Enhancing works place safety.

·         Improving working conditions.

·   Running the demanding operations at nights and during low visibility conditions.

·         Performing tasks with high end accuracy level.

·         Preventing unfortunate accidents and serious injuries due to low lit environments.

·         Monitoring the performance and activities of workers.

·         Observing the nook and corner of the vast areas of the plants.

Lighttower.net is in the forefront on the market by delivering high performing and superior quality light towers at value-driven prices and attractive packages. Our exclusive range of light towers including diesel, magnum, portable and mobile are extremely popular due to their rugged construction and dependable operation in any industrial environment. 

 All the categories of light towers listed on our website are ready for immediate shipping.


Products : Any powko light towers (The Equinox™, Offshore Hazardous Area Series, Rough Terrain Series)  products used at utility and power plants applications. 


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