Stadium Lighting


Light Towers Applications in Stadium Lighting 


Light towers can really help a sporting event scheduled at night or low visibility conditions by projecting the required amount of bright and powerful illumination. They are the most ingenious lighting source available for lighting large areas of the stadium uniformly without any interruption.  Not only at night-time but also during low lit day-time, these artificial lighting systems can be installed for providing extra illumination. – A leading supplier with unmatched expertise



Light Towers For Stadium LightingWhether you need efficacious light towers for a single tennis court or a complete Olympic complex, has units for everyone, everywhere. With proper and bright illumination at stadiums, safety standards can be improved to a greater extent. Bright and unobtrusive lighting facilitates players and referees deliver the best performance. Also these lighting systems let the crowd to have the best possible viewing experience, as they can see what is going on in the ground from every seat. Hence by installing the right type of light towers, a sporting event can be run safely with good viewing conditions. 


 Although, light represents less than 1% of the stadium/arena budget, it determines 99% of the effect seen on TV.  Bright illumination with proper intensity helps broadcasting industries to ideally catch the emotions and expressions of the players for their remote audience.

By associating with best name manufacturers, delivers simple, smart and easy-to-use lighting systems that provide advanced functionality and excellent operational efficiency in rugged and aggressive terrain. Explore our range of lighting towers and select the most appropriate one depending on the type and nature of the sporting event .By partnering with, you can be confident that the lighting will be flawless for every event.


Products : Any powko light towers (The Equinox™, Offshore Hazardous Area Series, Rough Terrain Series)  products used at  stadium lighting applications. 


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