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Light Tower Applications in Remote Locations

Since there are many demanding and challenging industrial operations and activities happen in remote locations at night and low visibility conditions, it is inevitable having an artificial lighting system that provides bright and uninterrupted illumination.  Amongst the various types of artificial lighting systems available today, light towers have been identified as the one perfect for use in low visibility conditions in rugged and aggressive hard-to-reach place.

 Light Towers for Remote Location Area

Illuminate Your Remote Work Site Using Cost-Effective Light Towers From

   is the leading supplier of efficacious light towers fabricated by industry known manufacturers. We have in stock an exclusive range of refined and powerful light towers that are engineered with intelligent control systems. Our stock of portable and mobile light towers has been intelligently designed and precision made for easing work at nights and during unexpected power failures in tough terrains. light towers feature portable trailers and variable-height masts for easy transportation to any rugged and unfavorable remote location. 

       cost-effective and reliable lighting systems can improve the working conditions and also widely acknowledged as a viable solution for ensuring workers’ safety.  Its compact size and fully extendable mast with a 360° rotating light head makes tight and remote locations easily accessible. The intensity of the light and the mast of the light towers can be adjusted in par with the conditions exist in the remote locations. Its superior-built with corrosion resistant seal withstands rigorous industrial use day in and day out.


Consider partnering with when you need flexible, compact, mobile and affordable light towers of top name brands for assisting demanding operations and tasks in remote locations. Since we have deep connections with leading manufacturers, we can fulfill your customized orders immediately to customers across the globe.


Products : Any powko light towers (The Equinox™, Offshore Hazardous Area Series, Rough Terrain Series)  products used at remote location applications. 


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