Light Tower Applications at Refineries


Petroleum oil, food oil, natural gas, sugar, and metal refineries are composed of sophisticated production facilities with workers indulging in various critical tasks day and night. There are several intricate and precision required unit operations and processes happen at refineries for refining various kinds of materials or converting raw materials into finished products. Hence, there must be a proper and bright illumination required for the smooth and uninterrupted running of challenging refinery operations at nights and also during the time of an unexpected power cut-off. We,, keep a huge inventory of cost-effective and energy-efficient light towers to light up your entire areas of refineries continuously and efficaciously all the time.


Efficient Lighting at Work Places Brings You Several Advantages


Light Towers For Refineries light towers can be installed serially indoor and outdoor for achieving a high visibility environment at work places. Indoor lighting using light towers at various production units helps to provide workers with a comfortable environment for delivering a higher degree of performance. Also since, almost all the operations at refineries involve an element of risk, clear and efficient lighting systems prevent accidents and related fatal injuries.


Some of the reasons why refineries worldwide employ durable and sturdy light towers at their production facilities are: 

·        They provide high intensity light on the work plane.

·        Operator can adjust the light to direct the illumination wherever required.

·        Rate and speed of night time work can approach the rate of daytime.

·        Need for expensive floodlighting trailers and generators can be minimized Situation.

·  Situations like the abrupt stopping of the refining process due to unexpected power failures can be minimized.


Our range of internationally accepted light towers is best suitable for augmenting the process safety and also for ensuring safe and secure refinery operations. Besides providing, glare-free and comfortable working conditions, light towers give an even light distribution at various intensity levels.'

Products Any magnum light towers (3000 series, 4000 series, 5000 series, 1000 and 2000 series)  products used at refineries applications .  

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