Parking Lots And Residential Communities


Light Towers Applications at Parking Lots and Residential Communities


Inadequacy of security measures in parking lots, walkways and other residential areas is an important concern for public, private and federal facilities as that heightens criminal activities. News on theft, vandalism and other criminal acts in the poorly-lit parking and residential areas at nights and during power failures are common these days.


Poorly-lit parking lots and residential areas are now perceived by many as a safe place to indulge in illegal and immoral activities. However, by installing high-intensity yet energy efficient light towers, not only a bright and clear illumination can be provided all the time but also enhance personal security and safety.


 Why Light Towers for Ensuring Parking Lot and Residential Areas Safety?

Light Towers For Parking Lots and Residential Communities


Light towers offer several advantages over many of their counterparts in several applications as they are the most innovative ways to dramatically reduce overall energy costs, greenhouse gas emissions and operating risks.


They are largely purchased for projecting brilliant and incessant illumination in poorly-lit parking lots and residential areas due to their capability in:


·           Ensuring personal safety.

·         Monitoring and observing large areas.

·         Preventing property damage and sexual assaults.

·         Improving the effectiveness of closed circuit television.

·         Deterring potential individuals from committing theft and other criminal acts.

·         Observing activities, inspecting vehicles, and detecting intruders in the protected areas.

·         Increasing the effectiveness of guard force who perform inception duty at nights.


Associate with when you need to brighten up your parking lots and residential areas at nights efficiently than ever before. Whatever is your lighting requirement, we have the perfect and energy- efficient solution for you that assure reliable and durable performance for years.