Oil Gas Locations


Light Tower Applications in Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Locations



Oil and gas exploration is a complex and challenging business as resources may be buried far underground in remote and hard-to-reach places. Most of these resources fields span at least hundreds to thousands of square miles in harsh locations that lack proper and efficient power network. It is in these rugged and tough terrains, a bright and high intensity artificial light source is needed for assisting various critical and demanding exploration and related activities.


Light towers are the innovative, portable and sturdy lighting system available on the market with the capability to provide clear and high intensity illumination continuously for several hours in any kind of unfavorable environment.


Availing the Best-Quality Light Towers Matters For Best Performance in Tough TerrainsLight Towers For Oil Gas Locations

Associating with best name manufacturers and suppliers delivers you top-of-the-line lighting systems with advanced control for use in oil and gas exploration and production locations. Our exclusive range of light towers from top name brands can be relied for efficient performance in the extreme cold, ice and snow, searing heat, high humidity, wind, rain and salt fog.

Lighttower.net light towers provide an efficient assistance in exploration surveying, exploration drilling, actual drilling, and other development and production activities by projecting the required amount of illumination wherever required. Also, with the serial installation of portable and mobile light towers, workplace safety can be enhanced and unexpected accidents can be minimized. With clear illumination, supervisors can monitor each and every process and activity at the oil and gas exploration and production locations and hence can control the activities accordingly.  Also, bright lighting helps workers to perform the risky tasks precisely devoid of committing any crucial mistake. 

Don’t let the darkness and low visibility conditions stop your project when we are here.  Whatever is your lighting requirement, we have the ingenious and the right solution to fit in any hazardous locations.

Products Any magnum light towers (3000 series, 4000 series, 5000 series, 1000 and 2000 series)  products used at oil gas location applications .  

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