Mining Locations


Light Towers Applications at Mining Locations


Extraction of valuable minerals and other significant geological materials from the earth’s crust is not at all easy, but a thorny and challenging task. This is because; most of the valuable resources like metals, coals, limestone, gravel, rock salt, oil shale and gemstone etc., may be buried far underground in remote and hard-to-reach places. Also, most of these mining locations lack efficient and uninterrupted power networks; this poses a hindrance to the smooth and safe running of mining operations.



Light Towers For Mining Locations name is widely known in the international markets as the trusted and authentic supplier of specially designed, safe, cost-effective, easy-to-use and highly productive line of light towers. They assist in various critical and intricate activities in the mining locations by directing light from up, over berms or down into the mines. exclusive range of light towers is built using corrosion resistant materials; hence they are ideal for use in tough and rugged terrains of mining locations. 


How it helps? compact and portable light towers project required amount of illumination wherever required and helps to:


·         Improve workers’ working conditions.

·         Enhance safety.

·         Improve productivity of each unit operation.

·         Monitor activities in the nook and corner of the vast areas.

·         Observe the activities and performance of workers.

·         Perform tasks with a high end accuracy level.

·         Avoid unfortunate accidents and serious injuries due to the lack of proper illumination.


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