Maritime Ports


Light Towers Applications at Maritime Ports


Light towers are one of the essentials that need to be installed serially in maritime ports for providing bright and clear illumination to places where intricate and complicated activities happen at nights and low visibility conditions. Since, maritime ports are the crucial places where ships dock and transfer cargo and people to and fro the land, it is critical to improve the visibility conditions of the area all the time. light towers are the perfect green solution available that lighten ports effectively and continuously for a long time at nights and during unforeseen power failures.



Why There is a Need for Installing Light Towers in Maritime Ports?


Light Towers For Maritime Ports Applications

In recent years, there has been a considerable increase in the numbers of crime reported pertaining to cargo theft worldwide from maritime ports. This disturbing figure of cargo crimes has resulted in the implementation of strict security measures including installing artificial lighting systems in controlled and critical areas of a port. These mobile and portable light towers are meant not only to provide uninterrupted bright light to vast areas but also designed to improve security for the protection of people and property.


By installing best-in-class and durable light towers, you can ensure the security of maritime port areas such as:


·         Loading areas

·         Container terminal

·         Storage yards

·         Ships’ water line

·         Dock

·         Large open areas


Effective Illumination For Ensuring Round The Clock Security 


Light towers from are the viable and best-in-industry artificial lighting systems available to illuminate objects, people and places completely and efficiently. Thus with a comprehensive coverage of maritime ports using ingenious light towers, you can observe and identify activities than ever before. In this manner, you can enhance security and reduce criminal concealment.