Industrial Uses


Light Towers Applications at Industrial Uses is proud to provide our customers with an exclusive range of best-in-class and high performing light towers for illuminating any industrial work site incessantly for a long time. They are the cost-effective and energy-efficient artificial lighting source available that guarantees smooth running of intricate and challenging night time activities and operations. Multifarious industry sectors use light towers for enhancing efficiencies, increasing productivity and boosting bottom lines by projecting clear and bright illumination in industrial areas of poor visibility.


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Light Towers For Industrial Uses


Hitherto, we have been serving industries such as construction, infrastructure, quarry, recycling, mining, shipping, transportation, refining, utility and maintenance successfully with on time delivery of light towers that fit virtually any industrial lighting need.


Compact, light-weight and durable light towers from are designed and developed for extreme and adverse industrial environments.


Why Are They Used For?


Light towers are widely used by various industry sectors for:


 ·         Improving the productivity of each unit.

·         Getting the job done on time.

·         Ensuring workplace safety with the uninterrupted and steady illumination to the nook and corner.

·         Preventing unexpected accidents and related catastrophes which may claim the lives of workers.

·         Delivering consistent and reliable bright light to industrial operations scheduled at nights and in places of low visibility conditions.

·         Projecting light to enhance any unit operations such as digging a hole, processing and hauling materials, working at height, or lifting something high.


Light towers are the most versatile and energy-efficient option available for efficient work site lighting at nights and during unanticipated power failures. Our team of dedicated customer care executives provides you with enough technical information for using light towers in any unfavorable industrial environment.