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Genie® and Terex® Light Towers

Genie® and Terex® Light Towers

TEREX AL 8000 Series

Choices for Virtually Any Lighting Need

Whether you are looking for a cost-efficient workhorse or the ultimate in flexibility, Genie® and Terex® offer a range of portable, heavy-duty models to fit virtually any lighting need. These units illuminate areas with poor light or at night with quick, easy setup, user-friendly controls, industry-proven components and 60 to 100 hours of continuous run time between refueling. From construction sites and sporting events to mines and oil fields, each model is built to deliver consistent, reliable light on your site. The 4 - 1000 watt light assemblies' offers complete flexibility with 360 degree rotation, steadfast in winds up to 65+ mph, sturdy outrigger stability along with five to seven acres of light on the site.
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