Elevated Work Locations


Light Towers Applications at Elevated Work Locations


Many manufacturing, warehousing, industrial and commercial operations and activities demand working at elevated locations at nights, during unexpected power failures and in areas of low visibility conditions. However, most of the times, workers indulge in such challenging and dangerous activities without the aid of proper security measures. Hence, every year, a large number of workers are severely injured or lose their lives while performing tasks at elevated work locations. Detailed analysis of these repeated incidents reveals that most of the accidents are caused due to the lack of efficient, clear and uninterrupted bright lighting.


Why Light Towers are Important While Working at Elevated Locations?


Be it in industrial or commercial settings, proper and efficient lighting makes all intricate night time activities easy and safe. Amongst all the artificial lighting sources available, light towers have been identified as the best and appropriate for providing vivid lighting to ensure the safety of every worker.


Properly Illuminating Elevated Work Location is Critical as it Helps:


·         Work easier and productive.

·         Draw more attention to hazardous operations.

·         To provide a backup in case of emergency or unexpected power failures.

·         To maintain a pleasant atmosphere; hence worker’s productivity and efficiency van be enhanced.

·         To minimize terrible accidents and related catastrophes, which may claim the lives of workers.

·         Workers comfortably see what they are doing without giving much strain to their eyes (poor lighting leads to visual fatigue and discomfort).


Know About the Best Name Supplier of Light Towers

Light Towers For Elevated Work Locations


Lighttower.net have been serving customers in multifarious industry sectors successfully by supplying light towers of the best name brands such as Magnum, Terex and Powko.


We Serve Customers in:


·         Building and construction.

·         Bush and forest industries.

·         Electrical supply and distribution.

·         Film and video recording industry.

·         Fire Service.

·         Plant and machinery hire.

·         Port Operations.

·         Sign writing and advertising.

·         Stock picking.

·         Railways.

·         Telecommunications.

·        Warehousing.


Our range of light towers is professionally designed and ruggedly built to provide the right level of illumination to persons indulging in any demanding construction, installation, maintenance, cleaning, demolition and decommission activities at elevated work locations.