Disaster Sites


Light Towers Applications at Disaster Sites

Disasters and emergency situations happen unexpectedly and most of them result in deadly damage and huge human loss. The intensity of the accidents or debacle happen at night time would be more as the rescue team finds it difficult to cope up with the perilous situations without proper illumination. However, we, Lighttower.net possess an innovative and easy-to-use solution for assisting rescue and relief operations in any kind of emergency situation. Our exclusive inventory of sturdy and robust light towers are the most feasible solution available on the market for providing bright and uninterrupted illumination to large areas smacked with unfortunate catastrophe.

Lightower.net rugged and dependable light towers feature 16 1500-watt metal halide lights that collectively produce 2.5 million lumens of light. The telescopic mast reaches a height of 55 feet (16.76 meters) when fully erect. The supporting trailer has a total erected footprint that is 28 feet long and 23 feet wide. These unique and advanced features make them suitable for use in disaster situations.


Safe and Quick Transportation to Far Ways Places

Light Towers For Disaster Sites

Whether it is an industrial emergency such as an upsurge of fire, oil spill, collapse of building etc., or natural disasters like tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, and mudslides, light towers have a significant role in the rescue and relief operations. Since they are wisely designed to illuminate a vast area, the rescue team can help the injured and provide them with required medical attention promptly. Also, they are energy-efficient and cost-saving to provide uninterrupted bright light continuously for several hours. They can operate under their own power without the aid of an outside power source; this makes these units ideal for use in situations that lack proper power networks.

We keep a huge inventory of light towers of industry best manufacturers that are designed for quick installation, large area illumination and simple operation. They can be transported to any remote locations and far-away places safely for assisting any kind of rescue operation. Also they function well at any emergency scene all night long without any fire department support.

Consider partnering with Lighttower.net for availing an exclusive range of top-of-the-line electric, portable, mobile and diesel light towers at the best deals. By using our durable and reliable light towers, emergency operations and search and rescue tasks can be provided with bright and powerful illumination.

Products : Any powko light towers (The Equinox™, Offshore Hazardous Area Series, Rough Terrain Series)  products used at disaster sites applications. 

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