Convention And Exposition Centers


Light Towers Applications at Convention and Exposition Center


An even and unremitting lighting is a crucial factor for effectively illuminating conferences, exhibitions, special events, trade shows, banquets and meetings held at convention and exposition centers. Nowadays, light towers are largely purchased for all kinds of illumination purposes at convention and exposition centers because they are capable of projecting pin-point bright light with low energy consumption compared to conventional lighting sources. Also they are intuitive, easy-to-use and versatile enough to easily adapt to the frequently changing requirements of shows and events.


How Helps You in Illuminating Your Exposition and Convention Center Better?

Light Towers For Convention and Exposition Center stock an assortment of high-grade light towers of industry-known and leading brands such as Magnum, Terex and Powko. They are intelligently designed to reduce energy expenses to a minimum while increasing light levels significantly. Light towers available with us are engineered with versatile capabilities and cutting-edge options to provide you with powerful yet controlled illumination in smaller rooms as well as in large wide open exhibition areas.


By Mounting Light Towers in Succession in Your Exposition and Convention Center, You Can:


·         Improve security and safety standard to maximum.

·         Prevent theft and unfortunate incidents.

·         Smooth run the show even during unexpected power failure.

·         Minimize the needs of expensive artificial lighting sources that may be difficult to maintain and use.

·         Pin-point light in a specific direction to monitor and observe the activities of visitors and show attendees.

·         Enable crowd to have best possible viewing experience even while sitting far from the podium.


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By associating with industry known brands, we have been successfully catering to the needs of customers worldwide for the last several years. Whatever is your lighting requirement, we have a perfect product that is intelligently designed and ruggedly constructed in par with your expectations.