Construction Sites


Light Towers Applications at Construction Sites 

News on vandalism of machinery, defacing the property, plundering of raw materials, ruining the constructed edifice etc., is common these days. Leaving the vast area of construction sites unsecured often leads thieves to plunder and vandalize the overall area with sheer atrocity. The consequence would be unpalatable, resulting in the huge loss of money and the abrupt stopping of the construction work at least for a few days. Why do you want all these unfortunate incidents happen at your work site when we, deliver you solution for complete and round-the-clock surveillance?


Continuous and Bright Illumination At Value-Driven Prices ingenious and easy-to-use light towers are perfect for construction sites that require work to proceed day and night. They are effective and the most economical solution available in the mLight Towers for Construction Sitesarket for providing bright illumination to large areas that are piled with expensive raw materials and other valuable equipments.  By using our rugged and reliable light towers, site managers and construction supervisors can:


  •  Schedule work at night and complete the project on or before the  scheduled time.
  •  Continue construction related work during unexpected power cut- offs.
  •  Provide safe working conditions.
  •  Monitor the activities in every corner.
  •  Enhance the productivity of workers.
  •  Point light in a specific direction for accomplishing and controlling  unit operations. light towers have been engineered with advanced features for excellent operations in the rugged and critical construction site environments. They are resistant to shock, temperature extremes, moisture and electrical interference.

Our exclusive inventory of the finest quality portable light towers, mobile light towers, electric light towers and diesel light towers have been widely employed for lighting vast construction areas; hence can prevent vandalism and illegal activities to a great extent. 

Products Any magnum light towers (3000 series, 4000 series, 5000 series, 1000 and 2000 series)  products used at construction sites applications.


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