Chemical Plants And Refineries


Light Towers Applications for Chemical Plants and Refineries



Like many other manufacturing and industrial plants, chemical plants and refineries are always packed with challenging and intricate operations and activities. Many kinds of indoor and outdoor testing, experiments and process operations are common during nights to make products industry ready on or before the schedule time. For facilitating uninterrupted working at nights and during unexpected power failures, light towers have been widely used across the globe in chemical plants and refineries. – The Source You Can Rely Always


Light Towers for Chemical Plants and Refineries is your primary source for availing rugged and robust light towers that offer dependable operations in any hazardous locations where flammable vapors, gases, chemical compounds and materials are present. Our exclusive range of industrial Magnum light towers are extremely reliable for providing bright and clear turn-around illumination for the entire processing operations at chemical plants and refineries. Also, they are a viable option for ensuring work-place safety. Chemical plants and refineries also use these cost-effective light towers as a source of additional light for accomplishing their most demanding and challenging unit operations carefully and accurately.


We have in stock several categories of industrial Magnum light towers that are designed and manufactured complying with international safety regulations and standards. Their superior built with comprehensive sealing makes them withstand explosive atmospheres and flammable conditions. stocks only safe, reliable, and cost-effective products that improve our customers’ return on investment. All the items listed on our website are ready for immediate shipping.


Products : Any terex light towersTEREX RL 4000 Series, TEREX AL 4000 Series, TEREX AL 5000 Series, TEREX AL 8000 Series)  products used at chemical plants and refineries applications.


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